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"Author of ImagineJonah Lehrer share with 99% what it takes to be creative and how grit and hard work is just as important as finding inspiration.

He talks of what we should do to find those Ah-Ha moments, how companies can learn from cities and how persistance and love is the only way forward. An inspiring talk from expert in the field, I personally cannot wait to read his book, unfortunately I have a reading list I have promised myself I would stick to and this is currently #6. It makes it worst when Steve Job’s autobiography is #2, this could take some time. Never the less, after watching this talk, I am sure it would be worth the wait.”

This is what I think about when things get hard as an artist.



My new favorite ad. See? Advertisement can be great without objectification or body shaming!

Yes. Awesome.

I’m going to Tokyo over winter break with my school.  And my biggest fear is that some of the other students going are like these guys.  I doubt they are, since the ones I’ve met have been really chill…so far….

I feel like a lot of the things he speaks about related to sites like this.  That gratification we feel to have someone acknowledge our posts.