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: D look at this cute message I got on twitter about my Conan/Flaming C art


my hair is out of coNTROL TODAY

Getting some Press


I wanted to thank Krutika Mallikarjuna over at BuzzFeed for featuring some of my art in an article:

I also wanted to thank the people over at E! online for including the same art in their ‘10 Best Things in Pop Culture This Week’

Super exciting!

Oh man, oh man! I’m always blown away by this kind of recognition.  It makes me so happy that I can inspire any kind of emotion from people with my work. Now if only it could help me get a real job. haha! Soooooon.


Lady of the lotus.

Wheeee my friend drew meeeee~

So pretty~




An event to meet your fellow fans, eat, chat, and watch DC NATION. COME DOWN, MAKE NEW FRIENDS, HAVE SOME DELICIOUS FOOD, and best of all WATCH DC NATION WITH US!

Please reblog & signal-boost this event! We’d love so see a nice turnout!

This weekend GLTAS Fans will be celebrating RAZAYA WEEK! We at DC Nation Fans can use this get-together as a chance to celebrate previous shows as well! This weekend we can try to share sketch gifts, stories, snacks and just an overall love for that cute armored couple known as RAZAYA~!

Full Details about the fan meet-up under the cut:

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8D 8D 8D


omg I am going to need to sketch some razaya to prepare

Hur me in the front with my batman shirt.








9 Problems with Women’s Clothing

And the worst part is that clothing companies do it because they know we’ll still buy their products.  But do we have much other choice?

Also, if you don’t have a regular bra size you have to pay like 60 or 70 dollars… for the ugly ones.

Also they assume that if you have wide shoulders you will have huge tits. Do you know how fucking hard it is to find a 14B?

And women’s cargo pants literally do. not. exist.

Also- I have a size 16 ass and a size 12 top. Dresses? NOPE.

The Bra one is SO TRUE. I’ve been putting off getting new ones (which I need) for the longest because the damn things are so expensive.

The pants length is super-irritating, especially in anything besides jeans, I specifically learned how to hem pants because I didn’t want to pay through the nose to have every pair of pants I bought hemmed professionally.

where the hell do you find a $30 dollar bra I’ll take twenty

32 DD is literally the most fucked up size i can think of 

okay but i mean are you all factoring in that these clothes are all specifically tailored and designed to meet certain standards, certain looks, etc? like this all sucks and stuff but if you really want cheap clothes go thrifting. wear boy clothes that fit your measurements. tbh i think you’re paying for the look of the clothes and not so much the material. wearable art and all that idk

I think you’re being sort of short sighted, perhaps because your size is easy to find clothing for in a thrift store? Most thrift stores and consignment shops have a pretty narrow amount of sizes, and for someone fat like me, its really impossible to find attractive things that also fit me. And sure, buying boy clothes is an option, but my curvy body does not fit well in boy clothes either, even if its easier to find the bigger sizes.

Some of us are very  much restricted to what is available in stores. Particularly with certain sized bras and underwear, which cannot be purchased in a thrift store or men’s section.


Quick self portrait commemorating the sweet starfleet shirts my roommate and I made.

Me being a dork. And these shirts are totes real.


Quick self portrait commemorating the sweet starfleet shirts my roommate and I made.

Me being a dork. And these shirts are totes real.



So I was driving today


I took a closer look



Apparently I was behind Spock and Bones in traffic today


Ooops, my Trekkie is showing…. <_<

So if Will Graham were in the harry potter universe, I think he’d be a hufflepuff and have a gang of dogs as his Patronus.

So today we threw a Hannibal themed birthday party for my roommate Sam.
Everyone brought so much good food and most of it was vegetarian! I made these beet sliders that looked quite suspicious. And I made this sweet brain shaped cheesecake with Graham crackers and raspberry sauce.
We decorated with victim outlines and Someone brought a bloody piñata for us to destroy. Then we played Mafia, reworded to fit the Hannibal universe. Our scary narrator TJ made these awesome evidence cards for everyone.
Happy bday Samwise!

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