Ignore me. I’m ridiculous. lol 

I just wanted to draw them as ridiculous hipsters. That’s pretty much it. I figured Newt wouldnt be the type to have a normal flower crown. His would be made of fungi, and bugs and stuff.

Hermann’s cane is a gaudy gold and white thing with pi going all the way down and around the main portion. And a plus sign and grid motif in his clothes. 

Had to draw Nicki Minaj. She’s amazing. 

Had to draw Nicki Minaj. She’s amazing. 





it here


this is my SHIIIIIIIT

Get it, girl. 

Was riding down Los Feliz with my boyf, and we come across this dude on a motorcycle. THIS FUCKING MOTORCYCLE HAD A SIDECAR WITH A SICKLE AND HAMMER ON THE BACK OF IT. (I drew it on the side, just because I really needed to add that fucking detail.) When we finally draw even with him, he’s fucking just smocking a cigar like no big. WEARING A LEATHER JACKET AND WITH LONG HAIR STICKING OUT THE BOTTOM OF HIS HELMET. DUDE WAS BUFF AND I JUST CAN’T EVEN. 

I rushed home and drew him. Two versions. More realistic and then slightly more cartoony. Its fucking late, I should go to bed. x_x 

  1.  baysalt said: ohhhh man so GOOOOOOD! also just looked up this band, A+ art with bonus music rec, my favorite

Thanks dude! I’m glad you liked the art and the band. 

Also! Thanks everyone else! I will probably now start drawing silly fan art, now that I have a handle of how I want to draw them. Be prepared for awful AU at some point. 

Totally drew this as I listened to ∆’s Tessellate on repeat. I dunno. It reminds me of them. 

what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?



ooooo I’d really love to hear what people think : 0

Hmmm…just bumped into this dude while downtown. 

Tyler Sequin and Jamie Benn from hawkwardly's hockey fic. 

Taking a short break from my comic coloring.