Look who I just met at comic-con.

Working late on a pitch packet…took a break to doodle something. Blame Kate for sucking me into this kaiju hole. 


NEW MUSIC: Tunde Olaniran - Critical.

Nigerian-American singer Tunde Olaniran's Critical music video is a work of (performance) art.

With direction from Kevin Eckert, Olaniran takes us on a multimedia and multiple layered visual journey that sees the singer play with shadows, various light hues, illustration, animation, and fashion.

Out now, Critical is a minimal drum beat-laden tune with a catchy hook and beautiful raw emotional backbone. And is that line a Kate Bush reference? Love it.

So cool….

GEEEEZ. 3 weeks without being able to draw is the worst. My hands feel way more human. Its still hard to do anything really refined. I’m trying my best to squeeze out anything remotely coherent at the moment… not sure if its working. 

*lays down sadly*

New haircut. And look at what’s hidden beneath the flop. My hairdresser surprised me with it. Madin knows me well. It’s awesome. #salonfolklore #folkloresalon #madin #hair #startrek



i’ve been reading the star trek novel “immortal coil” and i didn’t expect it to appeal to the part of me that loves to see androids get their shit wrecked. WHAT A HAPPY SURPRISE.

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I can’t draw right now, so check out this person’s cool art! 

Maaaan, i guess some of the medication i got at the hospital has made me retain water or something, but this is seriously what my hands have felt like for the last 3 days. I can’t draw and that makes me sad. 

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